1/16 hand tools

I’m looking for 1/16 hand tools, i.e. spanners/wrenchs, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers etc…
Planning on having them placed about a 1/16 Jagdpanther engine bay.
Scanned the usual places, including dolls house sites, but these tend to be predominately 1/12.
Any suggestions please?

Your best bet may be someone to custom CAD and 3D print them.

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Yea, thought of that, Shapeways do some, but although the items are a good price, it’s the P&P to GB that’s off putting. Same goes for Etsy.

If you know someone with a 3D printer, there are numerous free hand tool .stl out on the interweb. Takes only a few minutes to download and re-scale. Even in a fairly large scale, the printing is quick and uses very, very little resin.

A friend with a 3D printer could knock out a set of tools for you.

These are some tools that I printed up in 1/8 scale. Most were from simple designs that were originally 1:1 scale and found on Thingiverse.


Www.rctank.de used to do a whole lot of 1:16 tools and the like.

Like the ones


That is fantastic, thank you very much.
I remember now looking through this site years ago, but forgot about it over time.
Will certainly be placing an order.