1/16 M1A2 SEPv3 vapour compression system unit

Reaching out for pics for the VCSU (aircon unit) as fitted to SEP Abrams. Scratchprinting one after CADing it up. Any help welcome.



I like that term, “scratchprinting”


Don’t forget the bustle rack has vents under the VCSU unit.



Thanks Sean,

I linked to the Meggitt pdf in my initial post, but thanks for posting it so it can be seen.

Yep, I stole scratchprinting from another forum & love it.

Oops, missed that. Sorry

i was looking for more imagery and i discovered this gorgeous side-profile of what i believe to be an M1A2 SEP (something) with the Tank Urban Survival Kit (TUSK) mounting plates in the new Ground Vehicle Coating System (GVCS) camouflage, and i just had to share it.

My question is which version is this one? It has the older style clear hub caps, has the pintle mount for the commander’s .50 cal BMG and (at least to me) it lacks the extended frontal turret armor glacis of the SEP v3. Can anyone ID this one?

Thicker Armor and New Camouflage for American Abrams Tanks | Army Newspaper (armadninoviny.cz)

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It looks like and M1A2 SEP that has the experimental paint job. The center caps on the wheels are the newer octagonal style clear ones.


Thanks for the clarification, GIno. You always have a sharp eye for details. :+1:

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Adding a little more to the VCSU, will probably CAD the bustle rack & bustle rack extension complete & print in one piece.

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The kit bustle rack has a significant draft to enable mould release that’s not present on the prototype.

This means that my CAD is drawn to mirror the 1:1, not the 1:16.

Is this for Tamiya’s 1/16 kit ?

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Yep, Tamiya 1/16.

Nice, R/C or static ?

Static only - it’s my second Australian Abrams, this time the soon-to-arrive M1A2 SEPv3.

I was wrong about the rationale behind Tamiya’s angles on the bustle rack - nothing to do with mold release draft! All about mirroring the 1:1.

Here’s today’s progress.

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I understand the detail is quite basic , especially for that scale. Good luck & looking forward to what you do with it.

You’re right, Sean, it’s quite basic, sadly. This is my second go on this kit, the first being an Australian M1A1 AIM, this one being an Australian M1A2 SEPv3 which will start to be delivered in 2024.

Almost done with the bustle rack. This work package has now influenced the bustle rack extension. Once complete, both racks will be printed as one piece, with the VCSU itself being done separately.

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Essentially completed the bustle rack & extension.


Nicely done.


Firing the resin printer back up for the first time in 2023!

Trying Lychee as a slicer for the first time, interested to see how this one turns out…in seven hours!


Some test prints & design refinements later, I’ve got this:

More cleaning up for the ultimate fit check on the kit.