1/16 m5a1 snap shot

Just finished this little diorama. I took it to IPMS Nationals.


That’s really nice! You should share how you did it and where the original photos were taken, and of whom, and when. Good work!

It’s all fictional.

The figure looks like James Belushi from the Sahara remake.


That’s one impressive entrance Terry, welcome! I’m a picky s.o.b. about weathering, suggest some more dust & dirt specially on the undercarriage generally to make it perfect. But as it is, if you didn’t win something you were totally robbed :trophy:

What a fantastic scene- stellar work.

Second place.

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It is.

Welcome! Very nicely done!

Very cool T , very cool !!!

Excellent job there!

Thanks everyone!

Bangeray!!! Ruck On Bby!

OK I can’t resist any longer - what the * got first? :tumbler_glass:

Ha something better. I can’t remember right now. Ok here’s a picture of the 1st

Hmmm the nicest thing I can say is…nope I got nothing :zipper_mouth_face:

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I saw that at Nationals! It’s a great build, particularly James. Nice work!

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