1/16 Minicraft Jaguar SS100 1938

For some alleged personal sins I build (or try to build) vintage kits? I just put some effort into improving them a bit without the time required to re engineer the old tech. Of course the wire wheels are this kit’s weak point. My lessons learned is that the size of the metallics are too large for this scale as are the fender rivets I added. Managed to tone down the chromed parts with a more ‘natural’ finish. My family and I have owned a number of Jaguars so its a soul thing for me. 4.2 E, 4.2 MkX, 3.4 Mk1, 3.8 Mk2, XK150-S with my 1952 Farina bodied Siata 1400 Gran Sport Barchetta just for variety.


Holy Cow!!!

Ya know…that turned out pretty dang good despite the wheel concerns you mentioned. Great detail and awesome overall look Clarence.

Thanks for your comments! Getting the chrome bits to be more scale correct was a new challenge for me on this kit. This chat @ wire wheels has inspired me to today, start building the six actual wire wheels for my second Pocher Alfa Gran Sport. In this case, since the parts are metal, and I just can’t perhaps authentically paint them black, so I’m going for the bling and starting to polish the 100’s of wires and the six rim components prior to assembly.

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