1:18 scale 88mm

Hi All,

1:18 scale German 88mm Gun, I also noticed after I posted the pics I had not put the barrel forward as it should be.


Figures/88mm - the figures are from Joytoy and I glued the joints and then covered them with putty and then painted them using Vallejo Paints. The 88mm is from I Love Kit and was painted and weathered using Vallejo Paints and chalk pastels.

Base - is high density foam and is 17" L x 12" W and the small shed and wall were done by using high density foam and then using a pencil and drawing in the stone work and then a piece of sandstone was pressed into the stone work to give it a more realistic look.

The frame work inside the shed was done using balsa wood and the tiles are done using cardboard and the wooden ammo crates were made using balsa wood, the spent shells I are 3D resin printed which I got off the internet.

The ground work was done by mixing spakfilla, sand and mulched bark and then some Vallejo Chocolate Brown was mixed in to give it a more dirt look.

The grass is grass tufts which I got from ebay and the small bushes are from Woodland Scenics as is the vines.


Welcome to the forums Ron. That’s a nice looking rendition you’ve done there. A lot of time and effort must of gone I to it.greatbpainting and weathering. Groundwork is very nicely done as well :+1:

Thanks so much Johnny01.