1/18scale Flak 36 Gun Crew

Great day all,
I am looking to find( and yes, i’ve looked everywhere) a German gun crew for my 1/18th scale “I love Hobby” kit as depicted in the Tamiya (1/35) 88mm Gun Flak36/37. I’ve tried Shapeways, too much of a nut roll, and no real luck. 3d resin in that size and crew setting (total of 8 crew members in firing format)would be totally acceptable. Any reasonable price will be considered and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That kit was originally sold as a completed toy by 21st Century Toys before being slightly retooled and turned into the kit now being sold by I Love Hobby.

21st made figures, but they are jointed for posing and definitely look toyish. They also didn’t get around to making a crew before going under so any figures you find have to be converted somehow. You can find them on eBay but they are not cheap anymore.

I have some DAK figures that would work easier than the others as their gear is very generic but not a full crew’s worth. If you want to build it as an African Theater gun I would part with them if you want them for much less than market value. But other than that most 3rd party stuff is closer to 1/16.

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That sounds like a reviewable offer. Can you send a pic of the stated figures? I am an experienced builder, but would like to actually see how they look. See what I need to modify, rebuild etc. A DAK, as concept for the kit as a whole, could be doable. Or if you’d like please feel free to contact me directly(if doable and not contrary to KM). Again thanks for the outreach!

This does bring up a good point. Not ghat i REALLY want to do this, but how much difference is there between kit(1/18 vs 1/16). I mean, would the difference really be THAT noticeable. I ask as I want them to be exact, not just a passable(respective -size) gun crew

I can get some pics later but as an example, I built Das Werk’s 1/16 Pz III Ausf J and posed my 1/18 figures with it and they look all right since I have no 1/16 figures to compare them with. They are a tad smaller which makes it easier to fit them in hatches, but if you take 1/16 as being a six foot man then 1/18 would be a man of about five and a half feet. Short men exist and tankers are better if smaller, but in a group some might think it odd people are either six feet or half a foot less with no other variation. But people aren’t mass-produced action figures and no one is trying to be a stormtrooper.

In other words, if all the figures are 1/18 it shouldn’t matter and one or two 1/16 shouldn’t break the illusion…

If you know anyone with a scanner & 3D pinter . . . find suitable really detailed 1/35 figures ( larger would be better ’ but then selection shrinks) , scan them & print at about 200% . You could pose & scan & clean up the scans of the original 21st c. toys figures ?