1/20 Lotus Types 79 "Martini"

Greetings all;

With Christmas approaching slowly but surely I’m looking for things to build/purchase for the family and friends. Indeed, SWMBO has recently informed me that she wants to build a Formula 1 car for my sister, who is such a nut about those races that she probably has a picture of Max Verstappen framed above her door. So I decided to pick up this Tamiya kit for the two of us to work on:


At first glance it looks like a decent little kit, and once I pick it up from work I’ll be sure to post some more pictures of the sprues. Outside of that, I may not post here for a little bit as I’m working on a 1/350 Yamato.



The Tamiya Lotus 1979 Martini Type 79 is a 1/20 scale kit. Tamiya only made the 1978 JPS Type 78 that Andretti won the world drivers championship in 1/12 scale. The two cars are vastly different in body style design as well as many internal differences, so a swap of paint colors and decals wouldn’t be possible without a ton of scratch building.

I just finished my detailed build and build blog of the Tamiya 1979 Martini Lotus Type 79 in the Cars section that you might find of interest.


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Correction : 1/20. How on earth did I mix that up :joy:? Thanks for the info :call_me_hand: