1/24 Profil 24 Jaguar XJR5 Daytona 1985 Group 44

Is there a more beautiful contemporary race car? Not for me anyway. On a track they are simply poetry in motion. Quite an exceptional kit in every way. I think I recall using generic rattle can Appliance White? A harder paint that I could ‘lean on’ when polishing. OOB


Looks like another outstanding quality build for sure of another favorite of mine. I don’t recall seeing this Group 44 car run at Lime Rock Park but all his other SCCA and IMSA cars did.

I’d love to see a few more pictures of this car.


This model looks to me the absolutely top class. Simply wonderful! I tried to build some racecars in my modeling life but the result was so poor that having seen this model, I better hide away in a shady dark corner…

Congratulations! Just like Tina Turner (Simply the Best).


Thanks very much for your comments! Here’s another photo, sorry the quality is not as good. Cheers.