1/24 Resin Tacoma Pickup Curbside Model

Since Live-Resin 3-D prints in any scale now, it can be armed as a Special Forces pickup with machine guns and other accessories. Obviously, there are no windows and interior.

Or, one can go with the Diecast option…

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I have to laugh. I live in Tacoma and when I saw a resin Tacoma pickup curbside model I thought why would some one make a resin copy of our garbage trucks?

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Well, that ain’t your granddad’s Tacoma, that’s for sure. Ours were 2002 models. I don’t know if SOCOM purchased any more aftwr the initial fifty. But just for fun, if you wanted to use it, you could have it in a “hull down” position in a narrow wadi, covered with cammo netting. Add a couple of knuckle draggers sitting in folding chairs drinking a beer, while a third pulls watch. I think I may have seen it done oncet or twicet.
Only problem is getting everything you need in that scale. I’ve got USSF in 1/24 I used for the Aoshima 1/24 Hiluxes, but not in any of those poses.
I’m still waiting for Nacho to finish his 3D Tacoma in 1/35. It looked mush more promising.

Have emailed Nacho to see how he’s coming along. It’s nighttime there so hopefully an answer by morning.

I wonder if the panel lines are well refined as it’s hard to see the door separations.

The 3-D printed tires look excellent, but as to the rest of the resin model, will it look more like a paperweight? And how heavy would it be if cast in solid resin? If you look closely, the tires seem to be cylindrical peg on peg flat surfaces, meaning no pin-in-hole to secure the tires to the axle. Thus, how strong would the join be?

It may still be workable…dirty up the windows with dust and grime so that no one can see inside and then drape a camo net over the roof and windows as @18bravo stated.

Live-Resin and Peter Samofalov at Shapeways can 3-D print the weapons and accessories. contact@live-resin.com if anyone wants to pursue this resin item.

I posted the Diecast version photo and it looks a lot better than the 1/24 resin pickup version.

One might want to use the 1/35 MENG F-350 as a Vanilla UAS launcher.