1/25 AMT 1991 Silverado 454 SS

These trucks have always been an interest of mine as they were a sleek looking truck with an out with an “in your face” and bold appearance. Although not fast by any means with 230 horsepower, they were aggressive looking, were among the fastest O.E.M. trucks out there at the time and they set the stage for the muscle trucks that followed in the years to come. I actually had a personal reference as I have a 1994 Silverado to pattern alot of the detailing after. It took me around 5 months to complete this one with most of the challenges being paint and the ending assembly of installing the body onto the frame. With a few pitfalls to work around it was a good kit to work with overall.


Hells yeah! Welcome to the Kitmaker Network. That truck looks clean. Did you chop the rear cab?

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Man, there’s keys in the ignition

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Beautiful clean build, great paint job and a tough looking truck!

And a “Hot Rod” magazine on the floor. Really nice touches!

Cheers, D


Now there’s one absolutely eye grabbing Silverado 454 SS build for sure. Love the interior as you really nailed the look so that it in no way looks like painted plastic. The engine compartment detail painting is amazing. just looking at the windshield washer tank you can see the fluid level. Everything looks as it should look.

And your paint, gloss finish, and polish out is top flight for sure.


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Thanks kosprueone, D and Joel.

I really went all out on this build since I have an older Silverado myself.

383 Stroker Motor, Still TBI injection (50mm unit w/ 454 Fuel Injectors) on top of a Stage II 4 barrel intake manifold, Vortec heads, I went with the biggest cam I could use with TBI, tweeked 4L60 auto tranny, added a 2200 rpm stall converter and 4:10 gears with a locker. The only things that give anything away visually is the cowl hood and the 454 SS sport mirrors (and I can’t really get around the 2 1/2" exhaust with 40 series Flowmasters). She’s got 426,000 miles on her. Fun truck.


That is boss!

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Yeah, totally!

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Thanks KS. At Christmas I got the green light to get what I’ve REALLY always wanted for this truck…

A 4 bolt main Mark IV 454. Now…just have to acquire the 4L80 transmission and some nasty parts for the engine.

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Incredible build mate love the paint job and all the detailing, in fact I love it all an absolute fantastic build.

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Beautiful build.
Can you upload the pics onto the Automodeler content site for a front page feature please.
Andy :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ken and Andy.

Andy: I’ll get over there and post these up as soon as I can

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I love the truck! Impressive mileage at 426,000 miles :slight_smile: Looks well cared for and well love.

Much Respect+

My 91 RS was a 305 TBI & 700R4 that went ~400,000 miles as my daily driver for 25 years :slight_smile: My RS got an 383 LS swap & restoration a few years ago.

Initially was going to post about the very nice model Silverado 454 SS…well done!. Looks exactly like the new Silverado 454 SS did back in the day om the dealer lot when I bought my RS. A++

Really nice work. The keys, washer fluid and attention to the interior are great.


That 454 should really haul your truck in fine style. So now we all know why the price of oil, gas, and home heating oil is going up daily. :money_mouth_face: