1/32 Aoshima Prius

Hello all!
I’ve recently picked Aoshima’s 1/32 Prius kit to participate in a competition held by the store I work at, so I figured that I might post some pictures of the build here. I’m not building a realistic car or anything like that, my plan is to do some funky stuff with this little snap kit.

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Like maybe making a technical out of it? :slight_smile:


A Bond car?

Well, it will have a rollcage so adding some assorted weaponry would make sense :thinking:

Definitely convert it to diesel and do a Rolling Coal diorama…that would be hilarious :rofl:

A few possible captions for a dio…



Evening all;

Thanks for all your creative (and hilarious) ideas on how to modify this kit. I’m definitely interested in the idea of a Prius technical, surely we could mount a howitzer in the trunk :wink:

One of the features of this snap kit is that, of course, the seats are moulded-in. Now, I have looted the race seats from Airfix’s 1/32 Countryman, so I used a rotary tool to cut them out, as well as to cut down the rear bench. I covered the holes up with styrene, and also began to work on the roll-cage. As well, I’ve begun scratchbuilding a 25kWh battery pack to throw in the back. I printed some decals too.

Take care!

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Thats looking pretty cool!

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Cool project. Taking a NON fun “car” as the Prius and turn it into something fun, I like it :grinning:

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Definitely a great little project, complete freedom of scope. Love what you’re doing.

Supercharged Hellcat V8 anyone?

Cheers, D


Hey all;

More work on the Prius. I should be able to hit the deadline at this rate!
The interior is all done.

I’ve also begun to work on the body paint job. Not sure where I’m going with it as of yet, but we’ll see!

By the way, the wheels are from the Airfix Countryman kit. I bought Aoshima wheels, but they were much too large.

Take care!

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Interesting concept. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


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Hey all! Here’s the finished build. I plan to put it in a little diorama with an F-4EJ.

Looks great!
Did you make the decals yourself?

Yep! I’ve started using lacquers to seal them up so now they’re way thinner, I didn’t even need to use any decal solutions to get them to conform into panel lines.

Nice! I really cant wait to use your decals now!

Great to hear! I’ll admit, they’ve been a work in progress but I think now things are starting to improve dramatically.

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Here’s a brief review of the kit!

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Like so? :joy: