1/35 1920 Polish uniform colors?

Hi, I’m thinking of adding a few figures to my Austin armored car. I have one polish soldier and wanted to add a few more. First question is, would WWII 1939 polish figures work? Second, the uniforms appear to be imperial German uniforms, am i wrong or right in this assumption? Third, what color should i paint them, is it field gray or more of a Russian khaki green/ brown wool?

You can search for “uniform wz.19” or “Mundur wz.19” for some pics like these :


Wiki page in Polish :


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@Frenchy thank you, most the times i see the painted figures are in like a blue or field gray like color. Didn’t realize it was a polish khaki color that needed to be used!

Life Colors made a set for Polish army but i dont know if was the same as pre-1939

@Vicious this could maybe work to be honest, i just need to get out some sources. I feel like the 1920s uniforms were a mix of somewhat german Uniforms with different color identifications

The UA 432 is called “Polish Uniform wz 19” I guess 19 stands for 1919

On the back of the box there is a little explanation on the types of uniforms

@Vicious thank you, I’m going to try and buy this set when it’s back around. That’s a good explanation and even better that each uniform variation is covered by them. I’ll get some good use out of it