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This Pand Hobby's tunguska is famous for difficulties of constructing. I managed to make turrets, and I had to transplant two periscopes from other kits by parts shortages.

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Do you think this vehicle is superior to the Shilka? Not the kits, but the Tunguska itself. It hasn’t been as widely exported as the Shilka.

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Here’s the “official” tally from Wiki:

Belarus - 2S6: 176
India - Up to 80 2S6 as of 2023.
Morocco - 12 2К22М1s as of 2012.
Myanmar - 38 acquired from Russia between 2004 and 2007 and 3 from Ukraine in 2019.
Russian Federation - more than 250 2К22s as of 2012, with 21 Tunguska-M1s delivered in 2012–2017.
Syria - six 2S6М1s delivered in 2008
Ukraine - 70 2S6s as of 2012, with at least one captured Tunguska-M1 is operational in Ukrainian service.

Ukrainian 2K22 Tunguska from the 30th Mechanized Brigade during the battle of Bakhmut in 2023.

Russian 2K22 Tunguska - 2008 Victory parade in Moscow.

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The Russians probably regret selling Tunguskas to Ukraine!

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The Tunguska is much better. The 2 twin (so 4) 30mm cannon alone can do what the ZSU-23-4 does, but better, and they are only secondary. Newer radar and SAM are the main selling point.

It is not a great export vehicle because of the logistic support cost. You have multiple systems on a tracked light armoured vehicle.

The Russian developed a truck based variant, called the Pantsir. The front cost is similar, but much cheaper to maintain. That one gets more export contracts.