1/35 AMX-50B Resinscales

Hi guys,

Few month ago I’ve discovered a company who sell one of my favorite tank… The ugly AMX-50B
The same day, thanks to my credit card, order was placed !
Excellent communication, package arrived relatively quickly, very well packaged kit.
It’s 3D printed kit. That’s my first experience with this kind of stuff.
Let’go for this new adventure !

Not many parts, most part of kit is already build… printed sorry !
Hull, turret, gun, running gear, tracks and a few small parts… Tha’ts all.
If you like to spend time to build kit, it’s not for you !

Print is amazing, really nice. Incredible thin details

So let’s begin for fun.
First of all you need to free tracks and wheels

Once it’s done, I’ve glued the few parts like headlamp protections, extinguisher.
I’ve not glued now front headlamps. I’ll dig them later to put AK lens.

As usual : Tamiya grey primer coat !

I decide to use Tamiya brown for pre shading

For the base coat, I use a mix of Tamiya XF13 + XF-15 Flesh (2/1) highly diluted.

Very diluted and very thin layers to keep pre shading effect

I’ve painted tracks using rust tone and different washes for Ammo Mig and AK range

After a coat of VMS gloss varnish (the best varnish !), I’ve putted in place the headlamp with AK Lens

Initially I’ll plan to paint my AMX-50B like prototype, something like Saumur surviving proto
BUT… I’ve found in my stock an old Peddinghaus decal sheet for French Shermans…
“Dugesclin” sounds to be a good deco for my AMX. So, even if it’s not reality, it’s quite cool !
And with this kind of deco, it’s now an “in service” vehicle and I can now imagine it running and firing in the plain of Champagne, near Mourmelon barrack !
So let’s go for weathering !
I’ve use mainly Ammo Mig Splashed and Heavy mud + plaster to recreat muddy appareance of chalk mud.

First time to me with this weathering product. Very easy to use. You can diluted them with enamel thinner to modify opacity and effect.
I’ll order all the range of splashes Ammo Mig products !
I’ll add some effect with oil, engine grime.

It’s almost done, stiil some retouch to do, but I’m happy with that kit !
What a beast ! Huge 120mm gun !

You can found more information of Resinscales productions here : https://www.resinscales.com/ or on FB : Redirecting...
They’ve got too a special group dedicated to their kits : Redirecting...
Sure I’ll order another kits… !
And I’ve post more photos here Redirecting... including Saumur AMX-50B photos taken few years ago.

Feel free to contact me if you want more informations
Stay safe


3 D printing is the next big step in our hobby.

Wow, impressive tank and build!!!

Did you have any issues with the material of the print?

Excellent build Pierre. :+1:

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No particular issue with material.
Print is very clean. Some parts need to be sand to remove printing line effect especially rounded parts.
I’ve use putty to give cast texture to turret base, mantlet and front hull but I’ll do the same with resin or plastic kits
You can see here the effect after primer coat.



Now that I like!

Lovely work Pierre, especially the weathering; I’ve attended a couple of exercises at Mourmelon-Suippes so am familiar with the topography - your finish is spot-on I reckon.

Outstanding work; I just wonder if an antenna (or 2) would be appropriate? The real thing must have been a trial to operate with that gun overhang.

'Love it.

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A fantastic kit of such a strange looking vehicle. Have to commend you on the finish though as you’ve really brought it to life- awesome stuff!

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Nice ! I would like to see an AMX13 aside for comparison !

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Great work here! I’ve been looking at a few of the products offered by Resinscale. While a bit pricey the subjects are definitely interesting and they make for a quick build…something to think over for sure :thinking:


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Thanks for your comment.

Yep antenna will be put soon.
Only one I think.