1/35 Berlin / west Germany map?

Does anyone have a 1/35 map of Berlin or west Germany they’d be willing to part with?

What scale do you need? Which time period?
A 1:10000 map in 1/35th scale would be a 1:350000 map

This is the wrong type of map but maybe if you print it and fold back the fancy bits

Maybe this one?

Two maps over here:

@Robin_Nilsson honestly that would work. I’m trying to male map board for a brdm-U crew. So honestly anything from 1944 onwards would work. Preformatted text

I googled:
Berlin map 1960
and randomly picked a few so get on over to google and have a look-see

@Robin_Nilsson thank you !

Maybe the Soviet version with cyrillic text?


@Robin_Nilsson thats what i was looking for thank you!

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