1/35 British 2pdr Mark II

Hello, I’ve recently joined this blog and I’d like to offer you an interesting subject that only two brands have bothered to represent. Unfortunately, the two kits are certainly not the best in terms of accuracy and after having thoroughly studied the many images of this cannon that can be found on the net, I decided to represent the MK II model characterized by the presence, in the shield, of only the vertical slot for the pointing of the weapon and the particular construction of the shock absorber unit, also the barrel is not the simple tapered barrel but rather the one made up of six tubes of different diameters inserted one inside the other.
The two kits are full of omissions and simplifications and having to choose which base to start from, I preferred the Vulcan kit. I therefore decided to eliminate all the approximate details present and to reconstruct them faithfully and accurately. I eliminated and rebuilt all the aiming mechanism and the pedals, the front legs, the cannon and the firing mechanisms, I thinned the shield and rebuilt the internal details, I improved the sight, the seat and the ammunition compartment while, with great surprise, the two detachable wheels are the original ones because they are the only parts of the original kit that are really well done! I completed the kit with Firestorm Models upgrade sets for the ammo boxes, on-piece ammo magazine and seat back, while the brass ammo is AFV references. To complete I added three men from the following kits: MiniArt British Jeep Crew and Vulcan British 2 pdr gun crew, the heads are from Hornet and the arms are from Call sign Models.
I won’t show photos of the colored kit because I just like to build them and show off the super detailed work.
I hope you enjoy the work.
Vulcan KIT


Below I show you the detailed crew kits





Some lovely building and detailing happening with this one … Great work :+1:

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That’s amazing work there on that that kit. Lots of great detailing; looks like a lot was missing from that kit. Love the figure conversions too!

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good morning and happy new year to everyone. I sincerely thank you for your appreciation.
I would like to add that the articulated system of the front legs, with the correct design of the support feet, and the cannon have been redesigned and 3D printed at the highest possible resolution

Your hands and eyes must be far better than mine, great detailing work.

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There are dozens and dozens of photos of this cannon showing the piece from every possible angle: I’ve studied them thoroughly

It shows, well done. :+1:

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