1-35 car kit conversions 1930s

Fordson panel van

Just need to fake the right hand steering …

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Just found another candidate for a RHD conversion :

Plus Model Plymouth P6 (labelled as a P5). The kit is quite pricey though IMHO.

From Wikipedia : “The only noticeable difference between the P5 and P6 models was the lack of vent wing windows on the P5 cars.”

The P6 was sold in England as the Chrysler Wimbledon. Here’s the 1938 model :

" The car was a rebadged Plymouth P6. The mercantilist instincts of the politicians in the wake of the economic depression that had descended on the world after World War I had effectively closed the US and European auto markets to cars manufactured across the Atlantic, and even within the territories of the dissolving British Empire the Imperial Preference was being abandoned by 1938. Nevertheless, by crating up Plymouth P6s as CKD kits in Canada and shipping them to England for assembly and rebranding in Kew, the manufacturer was able to avoid import duties of, reportedly, 65%." (Wikipedia)

Excellent stuff really informative and more food for thought.
Many thanks for adding more meat to this bone fellow modellers.

Even more meat :wink:

The 1937 Studebaker Dictator (a.k.a. Director in the UK ) from Wespe Models

[Studebaker] Plant 7 was at Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. Complete cars were assembled from components shipped from South Bend and Detroit factories or locally made in Canada. They were destined for the Canadian (left-hand drive) and British Empire (right-hand drive) markets. In this way, Studebaker could advertise the cars as “British-built” and qualify for reduced tariffs." (from https://www.thesahb.com/snapshot-278-1934-studebaker-director-saloon/ )

Cheers Frenchy, I suppose if I feel I am not up to a conversion I could bury it under rubble lol.

Hello there, just been putting the chassis and gear together for the Accurate Armour Fordson mobile canteen. What a delicate fragile kit to put together, I have built resin kits before but this seems super delicate. Maybe its me but did not enjoy this part one bit, slowly but surely.

Had to look up Walkerville as I have never heard of it - I don’t get out much :grin:. Walkerville was founded by Hiram Walker. It was planned as a “model town”. Seems oddly approriate.

You learn something every day.