1/35 │Challenger ARRV │ Accurate Armour + Tamiya

Dear all,

Here is again another ARV from my collection (One of my favorites) :slight_smile: it needs very minor detail touches, also i keep myself away from adding more dust & dirt :upside_down_face:… I hope you like it …


Painting & few weathering …


with white bg…


Whats a great build. are you doing markings on it ? And is any more weathering being done to the tracks ? They look a little to light ??

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That is seriously impressive. It really brings out that this is quite a large vehicle. What was the kit like? any major hurdles or issues? Just a small point, British Army sidelights at the front are always orange and white so as not to mistake the front for the rear in the dark. Rears are orange and red, the only white light at the rear may be a reversing light on wheeled vehicles.

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Good spot on the side lights Max…:+1:

It looks like AA have upped their game with the newer resin colour compared to the striker I did… Can’t see any flaws or a zillion air bubbles like I had…

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I agree, that upper hull casting is large and looks very straight to me. Same with the crane boom and bins. Excellent job on the hydraulic lines as well.

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The casting is better now, enjoyed the one I have done.

Still have little things to do, to it.


Very nice clean build esp keeping all that PE skirt parts straight :smile:

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Thanks so much and yes, i ll continue to wearthering on tracks then move onto top of the vehicle and put some rust on the pins, etc… Markings is another issue for me because kit was not include the markings, so i need to figure out it in some way …

Some ARRVs dont have markings, so you wont be wrong if you leave them off. I was just wondering thats all.

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Thanks for the spot :v: :beer: i think the kit was like that the carving and the cast are still top quality if we are considering the age of the kit and build was very enjoyable, there was no phase that turned into a nightmare (it’s my first resin kit :slight_smile: ) … Of course it took time for me to bond (needed too much sanding) hull onto the Tamiya’s chassis …

Very nice finish !! :star_struck: