1/35 │ Chieftain ARV Mk-5 │ Accurate Armour + Tamiya

Dear all,

Here come with an another ARV :slight_smile: This is the lovely Chieftain ARV Mk-5 (with out crane) … I had some minor issues with the resin parts but i luckly can use AA Mk-7 conv. kit as for some replace broken parts while waiting replacements from Accurate Armour …


Nice start with the build. Looks like the body may need a bit of clean up around the edges. Is the newer grey resin working out better than the old sandy coloured stuff ? My Striker body and most parts (the old sandy colour resin) had about a million air pockets I had to deal with with … and thinking about it, the Mk 10 Stillbrew conversion was the same as well … I didnt know AA do a Mk5 and Mk 7 conversion. Looking forward to seeing it being built up. Are you going crane extended ?


I thinks it’s a Mk 5 ARV and a Mk 7 ARRV that they do.

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Thanks !! I’m going without crane version (mk5) and yes for clean-up but the body needs more than a bit of … :slight_smile: My thoughts are when comparing grey than sandy one that sandy color resin seems like comes with more sharp details, maybe because of built with early stage of resin molds and also grey resin maybe bit easier reshape with hair dryer :smiley: I may have forced by myself to write a comment in this, in general I think they are the same :smiley:

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Its building up very nicely though … looks really good :+1:

I agree with Johnny…this is looking really good. Something I might like to have in future, however if I’m going to buy AA I think my first one would be a Ferret Mk2/3. First wagon I was the “owner” of as it’s driver. Just to clear things up a bit, you’re building a Mk 5 Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) whereas the Mk 7 they advertise is an Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (ARRV) as it has a crane and so can lift major assemblies.

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Thanks for all kind words :slight_smile: getting closer to the finish and waiting replacements of broken parts from AA Btw i mentioned broken parts to them and they sent me in 2-3 days after that … SuperB service !! :star_struck:


Great progress… Looking very good :+1:

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Thanks :v: :beer:

minor update …


It’s looking very good :+1: you have really done a lot of nice detailing on it .