1/35 CMK M10 Ersatz WIP

Hello all, I’ve decided to try my skills at using CMK’s M10 ersatz conversion on Tamiya’s Panther G 35176. So far I’ve only done the turret portion and I’ve realized that i may be in for a bit of a challenge. Had a minor fit issue with the rear and had to trim some parts to make it fit. I think some epoxy and sanding should fix any minor tears or breaks on these parts… or so i hope. Another fit issue i identified if the cupolas that is cut away has to major gaps that will need filling and sanding.
Here’s some WIP pics so far:


Cool to see this one being built, I’ve got this conversion set in my stash because the Dragon version of the Ersatz M10 is sometimes tough to come by. Didn’t think removing the cupola would leave such a huge hole.

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@Tommi_Lukkarinen I think it’s because the gap is awkward in itself. The ring for the cupola appears to be correct it’s just extra spacing that needs to be accounted for. I think some putty could fix it or possible putty and styrene. I’ll try to come up with a work around tonight after work.

The dragon kit is always on eBay, just at an astronomical price that it was cheaper to buy the conversion kit and panther kit.

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Got another solid night in of building heading into my four day weekend. Excited to see this kit come along and also realizing that the direction are vague. To remedy this I’ve cross referenced with dragon M10 ersatz and its shed some light. Unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that resin parts are unforgiving and tend to chip at the most inconvenient times. Luckily i have styrene plastic to help fill the gaps.


Quick update form the weekend. Gave it a spray of Mr Surfacer 1000 Sunday night then tonight i went over with Brown Oxide from ammo mig to give it a uniform color. Going to proceed with dark red oxide base next then move into the light olive drab green for the over all finish.


Was able to get back to work on the M10 Ersatz. I got the initial layers of paint down, as well as have completed building, fitting and painting the track. I was able to put decals on it and give it a spray of glossy varnish to begin washes and weathering. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll have a diorama base cut out for it and some groundwork begun. My plan is to add three figures, one from the original kit and two alpine miniature ones.