1:35 Dingo completed

Hi everyone, here’s my finished Dingo Mk.1b from MiniArt. I made a review of it, here’s the link - Entry No. 2: MiniArt Dingo Mk.1b Review - Blog - Autoloader Decals


That looks great! Never realized it was such a small vehicle. The weathering and figures looks perfect!

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Nice work. The figures really do show how small a vehicle the Dingo was. Can imagine it was very cramped with two people and the lid down.
No wonder they always left it open!

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Thanks! Not bad for brush painting I’d say :smile: By the way, I sent you an email about that Grizzly Firefly.

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For sure, especially when going over rough terrain

Bush painted? I thought it was airbrushed! Very good painting. I’ll respond as soon as I can.