1/35 Donbas war figures for Chechen war dio?

I ordered a few figures from tank miniatures of Donbas war figures from the breakaway militias. They almost look as if they could pass for Chechen war Russians, am i wrong to think this or is there some differences i need to be made aware of?

Are you able to post a picture of them Gregory?

@Karl187 apologies, here are some of the figures i was speaking of

No beards, so not Chechen.

Check out “A Sniper’s War” on YouTube for more ideas.

Yes, bottom line is you’d be fine doing them as Russian troops from either Chechen war. They mostly look the part- if I had to nit pick I’d say the MOLLE type gear on the RPG trooper is perhaps a bit too modern for all but the later years of the Second Chechen War but apart from that they are solid choices.

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Ooops. Read your post while distracted in a restaurant.

Misunderstood. Thought you were asking if they were appropriate for Chechens in Donbas. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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@Karl187 thank you, didn’t even think of the mille gear being the wrong period.

@M70 @Karl187 i wonder if the Syrian figures that evolution sells could be chechens or even just armed civilians for an Ukraine war dio.

Regarding the conflict in Donbas, with the militias, it’s more wide open as to what you can do.

Again, if you are interested, watch “A Sniper’s War” on YouTube. It is a documentary about Deki, a Serbian volunteer sniper with the militia.

There are a very wide variety of uniforms, including blue OMOH tiger stripe as reportedly, everything is privately obtained.

Some militia wear the St. George ribbon for battlefield ID - orange and black stripes.

Some Chechen volunteer fighters are shown as having “ЧEЧEH” emblazoned on their uniforms.

Flags are a source of confusion for many as the Novorossiya flag is identical to the Confederate Second Naval Jack, but with no stars.

This shows up also on patches, both with red, blue, white and subdued.

Also seen are Imperial Russian flags, black over yellow over white, or as another Novorossiya flag with the colors reversed.

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@M70 i believe I’ve seen that movie years ago but will give it another watch if i can get to it tonight. I will say this subject does make it easy to portray because there is so much variation. I may also venture and use one of the GRU officer figures from evolution miniatures with a ruck on, could be made to look like an advisor or such. Thank you again for the wealth of information !

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I first saw the movie years ago on Amazon Prime.

I clicked on it on the basis of the title, not really knowing what it would be about.

I was baffled at first as I was thinking, why is this guy speaking Russian with a Serbian accent?

(There are English captions available.)

Regarding the Chechens, I was told they deliberately marked themselves as such for the obvious reputational reasons.

As you surely know, both sides now make frequent use of MultiCam.

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@M70 is it the movie where he calls the Ukrainian sniper and they set up a duel, or am i thinking of a different movie?

Yes I’ve seen the various forms of multi cam. I personally enjoy the multi cam uniform with a flecktarn vest over it. It’s a CSMs nightmare but definitely a unique mix and match opportunity.

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Customized Live Resin head sets for Chechen units


Yes, that is the one. Deki had been dueling with “Mariupol God.”

I found the use of social media in which they exchanged messages to be an eerie aspect — that challenges, taunts and dares could be exchanged in this manner is of course something not available before.

At one point, I freeze-framed the screen and read Mariupol God’s messages and they were disturbing to say the least.

I have read that Mariupol God was a Swedish volunteer, but I have found no confirmation.

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You could always have your Chechen fighters wearing masks or scarves around their lower face- no need for a beard then. But if you need a beard then I think Hornet heads do some. I think the Evolution minis figs would be fine- perhaps with replacement heads. As @M70 mentioned- a lot of the gear in use in Donbas was not standard and was not handed out by a Quartermaster at the supply depot! It was whatever they could get their hands on, buy or whatever they had to issue them with so you have a good bit of leeway in terms of what figures you can use and what gear you can have them equipped with.

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@M70 yes that’s the movie, I’d love to go back and give it a watch so maybe that’ll be my
Project for today.

@Karl187 I’m not sure if I’ll do a Chechen fighters scene or just use the or Russian militia figures as long as the webbings correct for a Chechnya diorama. The bearded figures are a help because i can do some swaps and have fun with it for later dioramas. Also gives me the ability to use Syrian war militia figures and give them beards and helmets and a somewhat military uniform look.

Such figures as the ones below;

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@M70 @Karl187

Here’s my idea for a Russian advisor working with the Donbas militia leader.

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@live-resin thank you, i need to go through your catalogue it looks like you got some great goodies i could sue!

Those Syrian figures look great.

I imagine a few could be adapted to be LPR or DPR militia.

Or Chetniks. Saw a video way back where there were some Chetnik volunteers.

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@M70 I think that’s very feasible, this could turn into a few dioramas i think!

Yeap, that’s a good looking fig. I would lose that water bottle though- it’s more Afghanistan era than Donbas.

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