1/35 Dragon M1A1HA Abrams OIF 2003

Hi folks,
Here is my another Abrams in 1/35th scale. Inspired from NATO camouflaged ones which was involved to Operation Iraqi freedom in 2003. I hope you guys like it.
Note : I’ll remove the M16.


Overall I like it. We have already talked about the M16 and even if you left an M16, it would not be that type with the m203. Two small changes I would recommend, I would move the tire off the turret side storage box as they are used a bunch and I wouldn’t want to move that wheel all the time. The other is the sleeping bag under the smoke grenade launcher should go in the bustle rack otherwise someone might be cold tonight.

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Thank you Ryan,
Now I’m working on them.

So, it appears I am wrong. While I still think it is still strange to have a weapon on the exterior like that as it seems so out of place, it is not wrong for at least one US Army tank. As he did it with provided verbal and imagery evidence.

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Missing a #2 skirt R/S-those are quite heavy.

I like dirty jobs
it’s very difficult to recreate dust and weathering over tanks .
I appreciate your work.

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