1/35 Dragon Panther G late turret vs Tamiya turret

I have a Tamiya Panther I’m building but I have a spanked Dragon Panther with tge turret and gun. I have read the Tamiya Turret is incorrect dimensionally and the gun barrel is either too long or too short. Thanks

What area of the Tamiya Panther G turret is allegedly inaccurate?

I can do a few basic turret checks versus references, if I know what needs checked.

That’s a great question I have seen people state the dimensions are off and the gun barrel is incorrect. I have a spanked Dragon Panther with the turret and gun on the sprue still so I was going to use at least the gun barrel.

People are generally talking about the Tamiya’s Panther A.

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What is a SPANKED Dragon Panther?

With zero specific’s I wouldn’t have much concern with the Tamiya turret.

Just for kicks, being an x-Panzer Police :oncoming_police_car:, myself, I pulled a random Tamiya Panther G from the stash to check vs my best available references.

To my knowledge the main gun is the same length in Panther’s D, A & G. If that’s not true hopefully someone will comment and provide objective evidence.

So we’ll use Panzer Tracks for Panther D to evaluate the Tamiya main gun.

Tamiya main gun over laid on PT, base of main gun alignment accordingly with mantlet.

Appears checking with my Armor Research Company 1/35 ruler the Tamiya main gun is about 2.5 to 3 scale inch too long.

One could cut the muzzle brake off, chop 2mm off the MG, reattach the muzzle brake and call it good. Or one could consider ~2 mm too long gun irrelevant.

I have to use the Jentz book for G measurements as that’s the best reference I have available for checking.

Tamiya turret looks spot on bottom dimensions to me with the basic over lay check.

Using the plans and my Armor Research Company 1/35 ruler I checked the dimensions indicated in pencil arrows

While this isn’t a perfect micrometer check, everything seemed within 1 scale inch to me with one exception.

The Turret height seemed to be slightly low by about 1 to 2 scale inches. My measurements aren’t perfect so I consider under 2 scale inches irrelevant. If the turret height is off it’s probably ~ 1 mm low.

That’s the best information, I have available at the moment. Maybe someone else can comment to a more exacting degree.

FWIW - I wouldn’t worry about the turret much but I’d probably chop 2mm off that Tamiya main gun most likely or use a different barrel.


Cheers :beers:

PS - the Tamiya Panther A turret is definitely off on several areas. It takes serious surgery to fix it.


Yes, i will be the “wet” blanket. If I was unsure of something like “barrel length” I would just do the math. Euclid was right. Math doesn’t lie

Thank you very much for the great detailed jnformation

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