1/35 Dragon Saladin Mark 2 Armored Car Model Photos

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Thanks for setting up this section that I can use for my forum. I appreciate your long time support.

Patrick Keenan
Editor- Warwheels.net

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Am I correct that this forum is for wheeled vehicles as opposed to tracked vehicles?

Yep. It’s for armored cars and wheeled fighting vehicles. Softskins are not usually covered here, but I’m not going to throw a fit if someone posts them.

Thanks for the photo’s. The Saladin is my favorite armored car. I have it in the stash with some of the DEF aftermarkets parts. It is the only Black label kit I have.

man that kit looks sweet and you’ve done a magnificent job on it

Actually, I did not build it. A friend of mine in the AMPS Chicagoland chapter did: Mike Oberholtzer.