1/35 Early Warrior MCV

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I wanted to make a model of an early Warrior MCV one without the side armour found in the Academy kit, does anyone know if the is a backdate offering or even what I need to do to backdate the Academy kit please.

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This is the first time I have tried this new version of the site and it does not look like my question has come out correctly.
I would like to make a model of an early Warrior MCV and the Academy kit comes with the side armour and I wondered what I needed to do to backdate the kit, or if there a third party manufactured backdate set, can anyone help? many thanks in advance.

Scalemates tells me all I need is in the box already

The side armor can be left off to make an earlier version. You have to do a little bit of scratch work on the flap and opening for the HALON pull handle and a few other areas, but it is all there.

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Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it, where is the halon located I am not familiar with the area

I believe it is the red flap on both sides of the hull.

Some right angle side views here:

More (lots and lots more) of Dan Hays images here:

That’s very good of you thanks

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