1/35 Eastern Express BT-7

Got the itch to try out an eastern express kit and it just so happened that I had a BT-7 in the stash. I wasn’t sure how this build was going to go but to be honest, I’m really pleased with the end result. The directions are vague at times but with a little research you can get a better idea of what it’s asking. The marking and painting options weren’t in my kit, get old ebay buy, so i through on something that appeared to be correct. My plan is to use this in an battle of Brody inspired dio with my HobbyBoss T-28.

For the painting I used ammo migs Protective Green 023. The tracks were and grill were painted with ammo migs dark track and dark rust paints from their railway set. I’m really pleased with the rust effect after layering with a few coats of paint i filtered it with a burnt umber and sealed with a clear coat. After drying i applied multiple layers of Tamiya panel liner black.

After my initial two coats of protective green i did a wash of burnt umber followed with a clear coat seal. After drying I used yellow and ochre yellow oil paints to apply a highlight effect on all surface areas parallel with the ground. Any area that was horizontal to the ground received a yellow ochre shadow coat. I’m pleased with how this went for this kit. I have generally only used highlights in modulation sets and was nervous as to how it would come out. After highlights and shadows I did a few streaking effects with burnt sienna, Payne’s grey and a little white. My next plan is to find a suitable tank crew to go in a dio with this beaut of a kit, so recommendations are welcomed!