1/35 fm 24/29

Good morning
I’m looking for two 1/35 French FN 24/29.
Someone can help me?


I looked in all of my weapons and MG sets. I don’t have one. Historex provides one with a figure, but you’d obviously have to buy the figure.

I don’t have any myself, but just to identify a donor kit, this is what you might need to track down:

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Many tahnks for the tip.

Thanks, I will check.

Propaganda Kompany ( now MLB maquettes) did long time ago a set of French WWII weapons, including FM 24/29


D’oh! Heller! Of course!
I’ve got two of their big azz 1/35 helos - haven’t found where they’re stashed yet. So fingers crossed.
However, I did find this:

It does not come with the MG you need, but it does come with three complete sets of weapons (not all pictured) including six of these:

The quality is pretty poor. In fact, it might not be much better in that other Heller set. However, should you want these or any of the other weapons that come in this set, they’re yours for the asking.

Maybe I’ll stumble across those helos.

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I too have the massive (in 1:35) Super Frelon - but don’t really have much idea what to do with it!

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The guns pictured above are (or supposed to be) MAS 46/56 semi-automatic rifles…


IDF in 1967.

Found them. Wrong weapons included in that kit as well.

There is one in this set, which is available.

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Hi Marc

Many thanks for the tip.

Order done from MLB maquette.


Hi all

Many thanks for the help, I found the machines guns in MLB maquette.

All the best

Tamiya French infantry set…excellence, perfect mg. The Propaganda company are terrible resin castings and I threw mine out as they were beyond clean up.


To be fair, that’s not that bad an effort given the vintage. Lack of a trigger or sling is no big deal really, and is an easy fix.