1/35 French commando Craft RHIB ETRACO

A tiny work 12 yrs ago…
A RHIB, French Commando’s Craft, ETRACO.
1/35th scale

hope you like it


More picts


The Master…


Hope you like it


Looks great. :+1:

Something different, I like it. :+1: :+1: :+1:
you build it from scratch completely, ore is it a kit available.

Impressive work . Please show more .

Brilliant work! Well done!

It’s a kit now.
Available direct with me in PM.

Wow. Really impressive.

Really cool and something totally original and unique.

Can you please tell us more about this kit?

This is the military model of the Zodiac M733, used by the French Commando-Marines of the Green Berets, based in Lorient, Brittany.
I was contacted by a Commando in 2009 to make a donation for Admiral’s retirement.
They wanted a big kit of ETRACO,
Engin de Transport RApide pour COmmandos, Fast Personnal Craft for Commandos.
I finished sculpting the Master in early 2010 and everyone forgot about it.
Nobody was interesting and it was a big commercial fiasco.
Until the last 2 weeks I was contacted again for a model, but built.
As I don’t have time to send a new article, I offered to send this one, number #000
And before he left, I took pictures of my first ETRACO.
And later pictures of Master.

I hope you liked it.
I am in contact to produce a very limited and numbered edition.


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