1/35 GAZ-66 headlights lenses

Hi, I’m building a 1/35 GAZ-66 truck. I can’t find headlight replacement lenses made specifically for that truck. Anyone happen to know what size Resicast or MV lenses I should order? They’ll have to be ordered online, unfortunately.

I am horrible at this but maybe it will help get you the correct information when someone corrects me. Either way you win. :+1:

I measure about 6mm.

Using this website

That means number 401 but 228, 229, 230, 231 might also work. My guess is one of those is a white and the others are colored lights.


I’ll have a look at my collection later. I use to buy them out whenever a hobby shop would close down, which used to be a pretty common occurrence when we still had them. I know I’ve got some larger ones. Southern Pacific GP-9s used to have a large spotlight at the top of each hood, and I seem to remember having some large enough even for that.

Thanks, my eyes are really terrible. I’ll look for 6mm lenses.