1/35 Gecko Models Kangaroo Ram

Well, they finally announced a Kangaroo version will be released…


Lots of CAD images here

Mission Lynx Ram Kangaroo

Yeah, that’s on my want list!


Me too…definitely a must have. Always wondered why Bronco didn’t follow through.


I’m good for a couple myself! I love those turretless tanks. Been in the hunt (when I remember to hunt) for an M3a1 to use with the Verlinden kit for years and years. Kinda wanted the AFV kit, and bought it and two M5’s, and built all three of them as they were that nice. This Kangaroo kit will be over the top for me. My son inlaw has many photos to sort thru

We also have news section on Armorama… no need to go to Missing Lynx.
The news on Gecko’s offering was published here as well a week ago:



Sorry about that. I looked back before I posted this and somehow missed the announcement here.