1/35 German Atlantikwall rangefinder bunker

This a type of German Range finder you would find on the Atlantic wall for the heavy German Navy gun battery’s (the really Big boys )
I believe these where around 15 cm thick steel domes .
(They where all scrapped after the war )

I deleted my progress pics by mistake …
The dome was turned on a lathe from a big block of resin i prepared earlier.
The rest is evergreen plastic.
It is 95% done .

Still have to make a part of the bunker beneath it and a small steel observation dome in front of the range finder (working on it as we type)


This is very cool, looking forward to seeing it mounted in its bunker.

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Now these I like! How about a Lindemann Batterie in 1:35?

I also believe that at least one of these was mounted on a tower - possibly Norway or Holland; anyway, superb modelling.

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A Lindemann Batterie in 1:35… only in my dreams !

Most of Lindemann Batterie is gone on account of the euro tunnel



Poland ,

There’s nothing quite like 3rd Reich concrete(!)

Shame about the Lindemann Batterie - and the others come to that - hugely impressive structures and layout. Mind you, the Mirus battery on Guernsey is a close second; presumably that was also equipped with one of these rangefinders?


The Channel islands have some of the coolest and unique bunkers of the Atlanticwall .

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All the fixtures are in place and the armored lookout is done .
Next ,thinking what to do about the concrete beneath it



Love this - for some reason it looks hugely sinister! As I said earlier, a full Lindemann battery is the only way to go - assuming you’ve got a house the size of an aircraft hangar(!)