1/35 German Westwall Bunkers

Finally i have some time for the hobby again,
It has been a while since my last topic.

This time i building a R10 gruppenstand mit kampfraum = shelter with a fighting room.
As seen on the Westwall , for some the Siegfried line (allied name for it)
It has been freed from it formwork and is drying out .

I wil paint ,weather and add batle damage to it .

Look up my older topics to find out how i do bunker style .
Here a few quick pictures ,soon i wil post more .



Nicely done!

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For the first time I dried my plaster creations it in the oven ,
on a really low setting off 25 °Celsius / 77 °Fahrenheit for 3 hours, it had to dry out 7kg of plaster and came out real nice and dry ,
It wil suck up the Tamiya acrylic paint real good !


you could try to “paint” it with deluted white glue (start with an invisible corner first to test. This could make your plaster bothy stronger and less sucking for expensive paint

but it surely is very well made

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I did use PVA wood glue in the past,
But this is a realy good pouring plaster for statues It verry hard when dry .
I buy Tamiya paint in Poland way cheaper (including postage ) than it is sold here in the Netherlands …Maybe because Japan is closer to Poland ?:wink:

That looks really nice Piet, the texture of the concrete looks great. You may have mentioned it before, but how do your get that finish ? I have a tried to do concrete and only been moderately happy with it - yours looks totally realistic …

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I get 3 different plastic sheet 0,25 0,5 and 0.75 mm , I scrape them with a Tamiya razor saw or you can use a haksaw to get the wood grain… and finish it with a steel wire brush, thats how i get my wood grain in the planks.
For 1/35 …i cut my planks in 4mm/5mm strips to keep it random… :+1:


That’s it?! All that concrete, all those men, all that time and effort, for one tiny opening and an Mg08/15?
What a waste! (not your model, that looks pretty good)

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Really nice. I dabbled in that back in the 80’s, but no where near your standard.
Also used plaster but used wire mesh (1 cm) to reinforce the plaster. Didn’t have actual plans back then so not based on any particular bunker. Guns could be fired, using Double Happy fire crackers

Twin Emplacements

Also built a U Pen - out of cardboard - as a prop for our RC ship displays



Very nice work. And huge! I added (inexpensive) acrylic craft paint to my plaster mix, when I did something similar, but my bunker was much smaller.

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Thanks. Not that huge, though I did build a bigger one for my uncles kids




I recognize the U-Boot-Bunker as the Scorff bunker in Lorient France

I have build the left entrance of the Keroman III bunker (also in Lorient) in the past, also 1/35 scale .


Yep, full marks


Thats it , or any other mostly obsolete Mg of foreign manufacture ,if your lucky an Mg34 …and if you real lucky a Mg42 :crossed_fingers:

That section of the sub pen looks pretty superb — very very impressive — again !!

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Pre streaks with black ,
The bunkers main colour (parts that are not covered with earth) will be green
(with some oker and brown blotches /stripes ? )
The parts that are covered with earth wil be black (Tar)


Most impressive! A++

It almost looks like one of those modern avant-garde concrete spec houses the uber rich seem to flock too.

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Wow. That’s very cool. A bit different too. Looking forward to the the rest of the build/paint. Are you adding figures?

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Are you adding figures?

You never know with me.