1/35 ICM Kamaz with Four Stars Miniatures Mixer body


Today I received the Four Stars Miniatures Mixer conversion kit. A great set. The manufacturer recommends the kit for any Western and Eastern European truck model. I’m building this on the ICM Kamaz truck.
I started assembling the truck. So far, every part fits nicely. Cabling and piping will follow.


I started the Mixer today. The converter is easy to build, it could be put together in half an afternoon as much as you can see in the pictures. There are only little things back on it now. At Kamaz, a few things still need to be shaped and wired in the right places. I also make two batteries for it because I want to make the battery case open. :slightly_smiling_face:


This looks very nice!

Thank you!

I started painting the cab. :slightly_smiling_face:


Resin wheels on the Kamaz…


Ez nagyon brutálisan néz ki Adrián! :slight_smile:

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The mixer got the colors. I used K Real Color and Tamiya paints. Soon the chassis frame and wheels will get their color as well.


Looking good. Super neat project

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Man this is intense!! In my experience it’s rare to see a resin kit like this work with anything kit-wise to fit well and to just “work”. Looking forward to more out of this one.

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