1/35 IS2 with "a little something"

we have designed a small electronic kit dedicated to scale models animation. Although I’m a bad modeler myself, you can see what can be done with a standard 1/35 plastic kit here:


I like it. How easy is it to install and what’s the price tag?

We designed it especially for this use, the kit also includes specific plastic parts to make its mounting easier.
For instance, this is how to mount the sprocket on a 1/35 tank (a french AMX30 in this video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koxaY9I3WGE
As for the electronic itself, it is a “plug & play” kit, no soldering, everything is ready to use.
Price depends on the kit (Static or Dynamic) and on the options. It roughly starts from US$ 60.00

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Interesting, thanks.

@Cush, a rather interesting concept that a lot of sci-fi modellers are doing, especially with the LED lights

Thank you for your comment.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any SciFi “demonstrator” but it’s true there’s a lot to do. Our module combines lights, sounds and movements.
Depending on the kit and the animation you wish, all you have to do is to program it via an app or to “drive” it via an other app.

Congratulations Christophe, that is a great achievement although if possible the turret traverse needs to be slowed down. Your next challenge is 1:35 scale smoke and pyrotechnics, I have made some progress with those problems in real time but I haven’t solved all of them…



That’s incredible! It’s neat to see the RC and scale modelling hobbies cross over, a kit like that with the camera and such could lead to some interesting scenarios where a couple of modellers duel on a giant diorama.

Thank you for your comment.
It’s true that the turret is too fast but it’s my fault: there is a parameter in the app to set the motors speed. I didn’t take the time to set it before making the video…!
I’think I’ll be waiting a little before starting pyrotechnic… We thought of the smoke but smoke request heat and it’s not very safe with plastic all around. If you do it for yourself it’s ok but selling it around is a bit too risky.

@ Dennis you could even think of these models driven through the internet thousands of miles away from you… :wink:

This reminds me of when I was a kid we had a super 8 mm camera and would make movies using the single frame feature.