1/35 jltv & others

Any idea of if & when we could see these modern light tacticals in styrene and not just resin? There are a number of very interesting vehicles out there that would add to anyone’s modern vehicle collections.

I’d love to see them and the other M-ATV variants in 1/35 styrene too. It’s weird; I think the M-ATV is a really nice looking vehicle but the JLTV is butt ugly to my eyes. Still want one to build tho.

I have had a taker on my JLTV photos and measurements. No idea on the timeline though. He’s come through on several other modern kits for us though.

The M-ATV is available from Kinetic, Panda and Ryefield in plastic. The Husky TSV has been released by Meng.

Right; I’m referring to the other variants of the M-ATV like the SOCOM and medical versions. I have the Husky and it’s a really nice model. The JLTV is a different beast not yet seen in 1/35 styrene.

Very puzzling the lack of the M-ATV SOCOM version when it has shown in action some very interesting camo schemes.