1/35 KSK Trumpeter

Trumpeter KSK. Modified arms and hands to simulate more natural position. Scratchbuilt chest radio. Some basic ground works to give some life. Thanks for dropping by.


Great looking figures. This is the first realisation of them I see. You say your ground is basic but it is very efficient.

Did you use the camouflage decal sheet provided in the kit ?

Many Thanks!

I did try using the kits decal but difficult to get a good wrap around seam despite a good amount of decal solution. So I opted to paint the whole figure and this is the result. Difficult to paint this Flecktarn but I managed to do it in stages.

Trumpeter kit is hit-and-miss. For example, H&K UMP is a.f.a.i.k. not part of KSK inventory. O.K. given the secret nature of the unit, not too much is known about weapons. KSK have a very low profile in German public. And of course the uniforms are replaced now by Multi-Tarn.

I think you’ve done a very fine job of these figures. Flecktarn is one of the more difficult camouflage schemes to paint but I think you have done an excellent job. You have also picked out the small details particularly well- the guns have a very realistic finish.

Thanks Karl, indeed the Flecktarn is hard to do.

Nice job on the whole scene Raphael. Figures are hard to do especially the modern camo patterns. I think you did a very nice job all around

Cheers metalhead! I’m not an expert on this KSK nor any figures for that matter so I’m just copying it from the box art and whatever the kit is included in.

Flecktarn/Wurstentarn is very, very difficult to reproduce in 1/35th scale. There are a couple if YouTube videos with good results. I do the hobby for fun/relaxation not competing. Some may build to challenge their artistic abilities or for museum quality dioramas. To each his own!

Wurstentarn? As in Bratwurst?

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