1/35 LAV interior parts

Looking for any LAV interior parts… dont matter the variant… thanks!


I have the AEF Designs* #KA-36 LAV TUA Interior, which is Injection Moulded (!) but no LAV.
Most likely for the ESCI or Italeri kit, but instructions don’t specify which base kit this is for.

Are you UK based?

*AEF Designs :sweat_smile:

I think you may be better off CADding something simple and have your own 3D prints. The old Italeri one is the only one with a very basic interior and doesn’t look great.

I tried looking into doing 3d printing programs (free ones) and i can’t get the hang of it… I’m used to 2d auto cad but I’m having a hard time finding a free program like that

I recommend starting with the simple, free ones: MS 3D Builder - 3D Builder - Official app in the Microsoft Store and TinkerCad: https://www.tinkercad.com/ before learning the more difficult ones like Fusion360, Blender, and OnShape. Those 2 mentioned are very much like the 2D software and intuitive.

90% of my work: All the 3D models of petition2God・Cults was done on MS 3D Builder and I supplement only the more complex parts in Fusion360, Blender, OnShape or ZBrush Lite. I even occasionally use the MS Paint 3D on any Windows PC to make more “organic” shapes.

You may PM me if you want more tips and tricks, etc.

I have had great luck using FreeCAD. Multi platform and a great community. Pretty easy to use and learn.