1/35 Leopard HART - Conversion

After finishing my M8 Greyhound Rocket Launcher, I will now move on to another 3D printing project:

The Leopard Hart, a tank recovery based on the Leopard 1 chassis and which had 2 operational examples in the Brazilian Army.


The Brazilian Army received 2 units, out of a total of 4 originally ordered. As the vehicle did not meet all requirements, the other 2 units were cancelled.


Would it be this conversion?

Leopard Heavy Armored Recovery Tank

Where do I find one?

Yes, it’s this conversion!

I’m finishing developing some parts of it, but it’s almost all done!

You can contact me on Instagram:


Thanks, but the only social media I use is right here.

Please follow the assembly here. At the end of it I will be making the conversion kit available for sale.


Best wishes for a successful build. I look forward to seeing this progress.

Thank you so much Michael!

Your help made this project possible!

You sent me many photos of him a few years ago, and I sent you Paulos Bastos’ contact details for the publication of the book by “Stuart in Brazil”

I remember it well. Glad to help.

The base kit is this:


Institutional video of the 4ºRCC, one of the military units that operated Leopard HART.

You can briefly see the Leopard HART in an aerial image of the Barracks Museum next to the M41C, M60A3TTS and Leopard 1BE

How can we order your items? Is the X1A2 available and if so, what is the cost?

Let’s start with the first printed test piece. Part of the Leopard HART crane

This semi-transparent yellow resin color is what I use for test pieces.


Hello guys! Sorry for the long delay in building Leopard HART. Still this week I intend to move forward with the work.


Very interesting kit, congratulations. Do you have an idea when it will be available? Thank you

Still no news? Can we hope to see the finished kit before the summer? Thanks and good job

Considering the passage of time I have the feeling that this project will remain on paper and will only be a good intention