1/35 m163 interior question

So i have academy’s 1/35 m163 and saw this…:

Is this kit accurate? I seen some interior photos of the m163 and a couple things seem different… but what do i know, i never been inside one hahaha

Here is the link for more pictures

Yes, it is accurate. It has parts to make either the original (Vietnam test) interior with loose ammo racks, or the later interior with ammo drum. Hobby Link kits are really nice. I have built a couple with no issues.

I also do own Hobby Link´s interior set. It´s 3d printed and of nice quality. The floor is lightly warped but nothing which can not be fixed. I did pay 80 Dollars directly from the manufacturer

It may be accurate for a pre-production version as I only served on the A1’s. The ammo against the back wall was in a container with a seat that slid out. The two were connected by a feed chute and altogether held like 250 rds if I recall. The wall can was loaded by means of a the end door which opened and linked rounds were hung on a rail along the top. They were feed into a chute at the back end of the door and into the seat, which opened from the top.
This is about the only picture from that time I could find and you can just barely make out the wall can and chute.


If you manage to find Hobby Fan’s M163 interior offering… go for that one. It is a gem.


Thanks for the replies! There is a US seller on eBay selling these kits… i might check it out soon

You can also buy them directly from Wanamaker Hobbies for a little less. He is most likely the eBay seller you are referring to.

I looked, he is : 1/35 HOBBY LINK US M163 Interior | eBay

Hi! Just started this kit and I have both the Hobby Fan and Hobby Link, the Hobby Fan is very very nice, including cables (yes, cables cast in resin) but the instructions are not the best, need some researches to make them right, someone mentioned it was wrong as ammo link should be hanging in front of the wall of the fuel tank, well, it is of the modern version, so a proper cover mechanism and a box shape container/seat in front of it. It also comes with the roof and the gun turret, so in theory could be build from any M113 kits.

Hobbylink on the other hand, mainly for the Academy, therefore, you are given a full interior, including the floor and even, the Cdr’s footrest and the turret safety guard (stowed and open) are included which both are missing in the Hobby Fan one, but no roof or anything with the turret, and interestingly the night vision sight is provided!

It also comes with two version of ammo feeding, i.e the Vietnam War version and the modern version, and those hanging ammo belts are nicely done.

However, I do have one question here, for the modern version, should the detachable fuel tank be installed instead of the original fixed one? In this case, you need to source one from other Academy kit as Hobby Link only gives you the old (Tamiya) version fuel tank.

In all, Hobby Fan is very details, while Hobby Link is very simply and offer you two versions, but their instruction is not very clear,

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Hello Alan and welcome to Armorama! I’m sorry I can’t answer your question, as I’m not up on the M163, but I wanted to say welcome aboard. We have several guys here who are experts on this gun system and have served on it, I’m sure one of them will pop up and solve this for you. Enjoy the forums!

If you’re referring to the external fuel tanks, no the M163A1 did not use those. There was only the internal fuel tank located behind the ammo hanging in the rear.

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Great, many thanks!

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No, I know no external fuel tanks are fitted to M163, what I am talking about is the internal one. Tamiya has the integrated one (it may not be the correct terminology), the original M113, then Academy has the newer fuel tank attached with two belts, to allow the movement of the vehicle without causing leaking of fuel?
So when those ammo are not longer hanging outside the fuel tank, with a load mechanism, should the new (Academy) fuel tank be fitted?

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The older tank as in the Tamyia kit. Pardon my art skills but below is a rough sketch (couldn’t find any good interior shots in my photos)

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The fuel tank in the Tamiya kit is the very early type, while the Academy is the more common.

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