1/35 m2a1 half track

It’s in step 9, I think the issue is if you google walkarounds you don’t see it.

Good information for a future build of this kit.

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Only vehicles with a radio would have them, this will be noted by an S suffix on the registration number on the hood.

For example USAW-4054545-S as seen below.

I googled half track dashboard images and scrolled a bit and found both types. The canister type found in the dragon kit as seen in the tech manual.

And the later, square type in this random photo

If you don’t plan on putting a radio in, you can leave these out (as well as the S suffix on reg number)

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Great information once again. Thanks.

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One other tip for DML halftrack builders – the PE front radiator slats are a hair too wide – causing them to bow slightly once affixed. I would recommend going over the end with 2-3 swipes of your file before gluing onto the armored radiator part. Dry fit, and swipe with the file again, if needed.


Updates! Thank you everybody for the info and help! ![IMG_20201217_233903038|375x500]

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I went with the m2 paint job because I think it looks a lot better than the ENTIRE vehicle in OD… I was honestly getting bored looking at it!

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Liking the camo myself. Better as the old OD as you said. :+1:

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Can anybody tell me what these things are? I can’t find any info about them…

It’s just another radio option, I believe they meant to represent the SCR-510/610.

Thanks!! Would a halftrack normally have 2 kinds of radios?

Anyways the decals are on!!

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I never used filters before…I got this pack

Which one should I use and why… And should I airbrush it or use paint brush?

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For a filter? I would just think brush it on because it might make small streaks that would add to the overall weathering.

wow, I have this model in stock, I will follow your model, looks very well, I hope you finish in the same way that look like the advances. Regards, Omar

Thanks for all the comments! I did some practicing with the filters and yeah brushing it on made it look a lot better especially with the subtle streaking! I will add more pictures next week when I get back home.

Updates!! I can’t find any pictures of the ammo cans that this kit provided… I want to show some of them open to show bullets (bullets make everything look more badass!)
Anyways here are some pictures


Top notch work. :+1: :+1:

Those ammo cans are supposed to represent the .50cal “fat” ammo cans/box.

For real photos just search:
.50 cal “Fat” ammo can or ammo box.


Thank you for your replies! I looked up the “fat” ammo cans and only the rectangular ones showed up… Another thing I noticed… are the ammo cans supposed to elevate with the guns? Like stay perpendicular with the weapon?