1/35 m2a3 engine questions

I’m trying to finish up a build of mengs m2a3. I can’t find any decent pictures of the engine parts and I’m hoping you guys can help…. This is what i have so far


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The only thing i could do is that most will not be seen. And in the real vehicle, especially in the field, the area is extremely dusty, dirty, and grimy. Not due to misuse, just wear and tear. So exactness is up to you. Again if you plan on having access, as in a " breakdown or inspection dioama, it’ll never be seen. Good luck.

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My Bradley walk around is the best reference for the Bradley on entire planet. More photos, better photos, and every variant. It’s $16.00, and arrives the same day. If you can’t afford it, because it’s Christmas, I’ll send you the photos you need. Meng based their kit on my photos, so you know they’re good.


Here are some pics of the engine, in and out of the hull.



Thanks for the references and info! Im trying to figure out how to make the upper half of the hull removable… if i can figure out how to do this then i will get into a lot of details with the engine and crew compartment

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Even then you won’t see much of the engine. The radiator mounted on top pretty much blocks your view. If you really want to show it off, you would need to display it on the ground or suspended from the crane of an M88 or other recovery vehicle.

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You can see below how the engine compartment top comes off, compliments of Pete “Epi” Becerra. You also will have to add the aluminum radiator reservoir seen on the left side with the two blue hoses going to it. You should add a flat rear firewall as well, not the rounded part that is in the kit.


Pete was unquestionably one of the best modelers I’ve ever met. I wonder why we don’t see anything from him on this site any more. Ay any rate, yes, he nailed it with that model.
Here’s a photo that I guess didn’t show up on a Google search:

If that’s not radical enough you can do that and open this panel. You’ll see quite a bit. Thin the panel from the back for scale thickness:

That’s what I did and I’m quite pleased.
Of course you can always remove the radiator. That’s why workshop dios tend to be the best for displaying engine bays.

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