1/35 m54 cargo tarp supports

I’m wondering if anybody as extra parts of the tarp rungs (not sure what they are called) that the don’t mind getting rid of!

These things

Use plastic strips (Evergreen) or brass (K&S) to recreate them.

I tried the evergreen and it keeps bending… I can’t find flat brass small enough that can replicate those. I am having a really hard time trying to scratch build them!

Breaking not bending

Give these guys a call…


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Your OP inspired me to look into my old sources. Sadly, I found those companies no longer exist. I am at a loss. I cannot find anywhere a source of stock material that would not require you to cut the metal into the appropriate width. (around 2mm) … No easy task with metal.

Curious… Does anyone have clear images of the actual bows (deployed and stowed)?


Both images from MilitaryTrader.com

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Here are some pictures of them being stored on an mtvr

Right now I’m working on trumpeters 1/35 mtvr which is what I need those for.
I think the best way to replicate the tarp supports or whatever they are called is to 3D print them….


I know this question is a little off topic but is afv making any gun truck variants for their m54 kit? I know they have the apc version but I am wondering if they will make a quad 50 or a box version

Here they are on an M54.

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