1/35 M777A2 Howitzer - Vargas Miniatures

Yesterday, I started the Vargas Miniatures M777A2 Howitzer. It is a 3D printed kit and looks really nice.

Here is an earlier review of it here on Armorama to see how it comes and all the parts.

I failed to take any in-progress pics since there really wasn’t much to see. It went together well with no major issues. All the support attachment points were small and in areas where they were easy to sand away. The instructions are a little vague, but looking at a few pics of the M777, I was able to work through it and got everything in the right place. Being in large pieces with all the smaller details printed on, it only had a bout 30 parts. It went together really quickly, only a couple hours of build time. The kit also comes with 15 155 rounds with lifting lugs (none fused) and a curved rammer staff.

The only things I added is a lug nut that is missing on both wheels. There should be 8, but there were only 7 and a space where the 8th one should go, so easy fix. I also added the antenna and its mount on the right trail pad.

It has parts to build it in travel mode or in firing position. I have built it in firing position and painted it overall NATO green.

Here it is so far.


Some detail pics.

I still need to do some more detail painting and add unit markings, maybe a barrel name. Then on to weathering and making it look in use.


Didn’t you scratchbuild one of these for one of your platoon leaders a couple of years ago? This one turned out very well too.

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Hi James. I did scratch one a few years ago (2014).



It was a pretty good effort, but the Vargas one is much more detailed and more accurate. Thanks for remembering though.


Looks good Gino! I’ve got another Vargas M777 in the stash to depict all folded up and on the move.

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Outstanding Gino

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Thanks gents. It is coming along. I have a work trip the rest of this week, so no more progress until next week.

Rick, I too am thinking about getting another to do another being towed by an M1083. I really like this kit.

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That looks really nice.


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Thanks Ralph. I just got back from a week-long trip. Hope to get back to it and finish it up soon.

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Gino, you by chance didn’t happen to take photos of the 777 build? I purchased the kit last year and put the build on hold due to the lack of clear instructions. And when dealing with CA glue, you’d better have it right the first time. I too would like to place it in tow behind the 5-ton.

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Sorry, I didn’t take any in-progress pics. It wasn’t that bad for me though. Yes, the instructions suck, but I looked at pics of actual M777s and I think I got everything in the right place.


I have completed the M777A2. I detail painted some of the components and added placard decals. I also gave it a light weathering with a drybrushing of a medium brown dirt color and a wash of a sandy color.

Here it is overall.


I also made decals to mark it as gun A24, from 2-23 FA, 1ID with a barrel name of “Assassins Creed”.

I also printed up a safety T and ammo data sheet to mount on the rear trails. They are reduced pages out of an Artillery TM, lifted from the web.

I added cables for the brake lines and the lights as well. The end connectors on the brake air lines are 3D printed parts from James Lee. They look really good in my opinion.

Some pics of the other details.

Overall, this was a really great kit. It went together pretty well, but I needed to reference actual pics to get where everything went since the instructions are really basic and vague in areas. I really like how it came out and am very satisfied with it.


Nicely done Gino!

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Thanks Rick. As you know, it is a pretty nice kit.

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I want to build this as well but I want to build it stowed and being towed by a M1083. Does this kit allow for that option?

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Yes, it can be built either in firing position or towing position. I may buy another to build being towed by an M1083 as well.


It came excellent Gino. Really great job on the build and finish. I have one question ( not being an artillery guy): is that an antenna on the front of the piece?

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Well, that’s not fair you’re going to do it first and then I’ll be intimidated by your build and not do mine do my you build better than me complex.

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Thanks Richard. It is an antenna on the right front trail. The gun has a digital, GPS fire control system onboard (box on top) which calculates firing data for the individual gun. It is quite effective.

Build it Michael. I may or may not get another and by the time I get to it, yours will be long done and I’m sure it will look great.


Very nice!!!

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Thanks. I enjoyed the build.

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