1/35 Meng M1A1 AIM Parts TREE "M" (Snorkel parts)

LTB Meng’s M1a1 AIM (TS-032) parts tree “M” - the snorkel parts if anyone built the kit but didn’t use those parts. I am in Watertown, NY. Thanks -

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PM coming.

PM response… incoming.

That’s a part I am also interested in, for my Tamiya M1A1SA build.

Is it the reason why you need it ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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@SableLiger Reynier,
Sure! I’ll sell you one once I am done with CAD and 3D print also.

Kind regards,


I’d go with that. :slight_smile:

I just saw this post (Watertown) LoL… and as a matter of fact, I could use some tracks on my mower - got it stuck in the back forty after all this rain we’re getting…