1/35 Merkava mk.4 48 hour build

My goal is to build the Academy 1/35 Merk mk.4 is less then 48 hours. It is a very nicely detailed kit so it should be a easy build. I will start the build at 10:00am MST on Saturday and end at 10:00am MST on Monday.

First update tomorrow.
(I have very little faith in myself I will actually finish the Merk but its a good challenge… :wink:)


Best of luck to you in the challenge!

Good luck! What’s the parts count?

I have built this kit and it does build up nicely. One thing to be aware of is that the ball and chain armor is somewhat difficult to attach to the turret. I ended up gluing strip styrene along the edge of the turret and then using CA to attach the ball and chain. It is also best to leave the ball and chain off until last as it will invariably get bent and or knocked off. Good luck.

I hope it is not a model with the ball and chains in PE… :grinning:

The chain and mounting strips are PE. The balls are plastic styrene that com in hemispheres that glue to a PE dis at the end of the chain the chains are part of the PE mounting strip.

So you are making it a non stop 48 hour build? :grinning:

Thanks @Karl187 and @ReluctantRenegade! Im not sure but the part count is pretty high, it takes 13 parts for the remote gun!
@bwilt Yes it it the PE ball and chains…
Yes my goal is to finish it in 48 hours non stop.

Actually Im going to have to postpone the build till next week as I have a very busy weekend.

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No plan survives contact with the enemy.


Well, I guess I’ll tune in next weekend then :grin:

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He’s using MIG Modeling cocaine to keep going and going…


A “Binge Build” hunh? That’s an intresting personal challenge, I started an M151 last weekend with not quite the same restrictions, just a quick build but the parts fit was less than co-operative and I wound up sanding and filling stalling my plans to crank one out. I’m anxious to see how your kit turns out, I know you can do it Young Gun!

Cajun :crocodile:


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Good one…



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Sorry but I beat you to it by building it in under 49 minutes.


Now I understand why folks pay top dollar for his ground up pastel chaulk “pigments”

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He makes the best modeling cocaine