1/35 montagebock (V1 Launch Ramp)

This type was used to build up the V-1 launch ramp.
You can see in on Back &white photo,that next to the ramp on either side layes a rail track .


I only have found one picture of the montagebock, i went with the TAKOM V-1 launch Model dimensions and the one picture .
This is what i got .

Entirely made from Plastic.
The woodgrain was created by scraping a Tamiya razorsaw over the length of the plastic ,
I used nuts and bolds from MENG.
Made a sleepers and rail jig to work from .


Black primer to create shadow for the hard to reach sand colour (wooden parts)
And all sealed with Mr hobby Flat varnish ready for pin washes .

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Dark brown odourless turpentine wood grain wash.
And a redish brown wash on the steel parts,when dry it
will be wiped off an the sealed with varnish.

Thinking off spraying the Nagelkran green and maybe some other camo coulor , and start chipping / sctatching the beams.
(Because i think a light coloured tall thing would stand out next / in a wooded area.


Wash is wiped off,it stained the Acrylic sand colour nicely .
still needs some light dry brushing .


Fantastic work and looks totally realistic with those finishes you’ve done. Will really add to the complete picture once it’s all built up :+1:

Looks great! Fantastic wood grain effect!

Thanks John :+1:

Thanks Jesper :+1:

Looking great, will be following along for the rest. :+1:

Thanks Ryan :+1:

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I am scratching it in sections, an keeping it just green


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Beauty work Piet , nicely done !!!

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First stage of painting is done,
Chains are to short ,unfortunately I didn’t have any longer lengths left.


Superb build on that piece. Very well done indeed. Painting and weathering on the wood is so good.

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