1/35 MRZR Direct Fire Support

1/35 Magic Factory MRZR, converted to a Direct Fire Support TOW carrier in service with 3RCR.

Legend 1/35 BGM-71 tow used


I didn’t know they had mounted the TOW on these yet. What a great setup! Reminds me a lot of when we used to have them mounted on M151A2’s. Much more compact than HMMWV’s.
I presume a second MRZR carries the TOW rounds? Outstanding model!

As tested by the Canadians :




They are in service now with the recce platoons. They are also mounting 40mm GMG’s and .50cals


Great conversion and build as it looks very unique! :grinning:

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Nice conversion. It looks great.


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Cool little buggy that packs a punch !

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I just wanted you to know I’m blatantly stealing this from you and building one.

Its a pretty straight forward conversion. Given that the kit includes 2 MRZRs you can easily do a 4 seater with a GMG or .50 and the TOW for the other. The Legend BGM-71 Tow is a master piece

There was some modification to the rear roll cage done, as it slightly differs from the Marine ECM one that is include in the box. If you need any more images I can snap a few. Sadly I didn’t take any during the build process.

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