1/35 Panzer II F/G Tracks

I am looking for some aftermarket tracks for a panzer II F/G. I have done the Google thing, but no go.

A US supplier would be preferable.

Not a Pz II expert. I think the Pz II D late version track is the same as the Pz II E/F. You will probably want to confirm before ordering.

Sprue Brothers- Master Club - PZ II D late version Tracks

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The Panzer II F/G used the same track as the earlier Ausf. A/B/C as well as the Wespe and Marder II. The Panzer II Ausf. D employed a different drive sprocket and suspension, thus the tracks would not work.

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In that case, [Scalemates - Fruil Pz II Wespe tracks] shows some US availability.

(Pz.Kpfw. II / Wespe, Friulmodel ATL-30)

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Im about to start on a Dragons pz II F, got a set of t-rex pz II tracks; they come with pins and as far as I can tell no clean up. Personally I’m looking for a aftermarket suspension ,and guns for it

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I’ve just recently seen the T-Rex stuff… they look very promising and they also carry the replacement drive sprocket for the Tamiya kit. How long did it take to get them? Are you in the US?

It took less then 2 weeks, and yes I live in Michigan. Got to say the shipping is outrageous though