1/35 Panzer IV, late models, rubber band tracks (you no longer need), that fit H models or later Tamiya and Testors

Will buy 1 set for Tamiya, and 1 set for Testor, late model Panzer IV’s. Will pay postage as well.

I have a set of Tamiya’s panzer 4 H rubber band track if you still need them.

That would be great! Yes, I would like to receive them.

Trade addresses so I can send you $$$ for your trouble.

John Legere
1850 Hamlin Court
Titusville, Florida 32780-3995

I will try to make the post office tomorrow.

No rush…but thanx!


Should be there by next Wednesday.

How much do I owe you?

Just pass it forward to the next guy you can help.

Thank you. I’ve been doing that on this site for quite some time. Never charged anyone for anything. I play it forward every time. It’s only good manners to ask, however.


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Received Trax today (Monday).

Thnx again!!

Ooh Ra!!.. :+1:

Thanx to all who responded! Request has been filled!

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